The Sale of Faust's Great Magic Show from Rented Storage.

As of the 14th September 2007 all FAUST'S magical equipment in RENTED storage has been sold as one lot.  Shipped by a road-train (a 7-metre wagon with a 7-metre trailer) to arrive in Spain for unloading at its destination on the 13th. November 2007.  Bought by Rodney James Piper, an English magician based in Salou, near Barcelona, in Spain.  Mr.Piper now owns sole performing rights throughout the world for David Devant's:  The Curious Case, The Window of the Haunted House, The Giant's Breakfast ("Chanticleer"), and The Gollwog Ball.

Here is a sequence of photographs showing the transportation of Faust's Great Magic Show from rented storage in a building on a farm near to where he lives, to be stored in three containers, prior to being trucked over to the buyer in Spain.

Above photograph shows the view from near the building where the equipment was stored. Pendle Hill, famous for the Lancashire Witches, is in the background.

Loading the equipment in storage for transporation to my son Jamie's container base, prior to trucking to Spain.

Loading the truck at the farm storage building.


Showing the loading of the flat truck.

My son Jamie on the flat truck, and Polish workers helping with the loading.

At the container base in Burnley, where my son Jamie is storing the equipment in 3 containers in preparation for trucking it to Spain.

Jamie on the right on a fork-lift truck.

My son Guy on the flat wagon, and my son Jamie on the fork-lift truck.

Removing the equipment boxes and putting them in containers prior to trucking to Spain in due course.

Unloading the flat wagon.

Some of the items at my home ready for packing with the equipment in Burnley.

The following week, we transported more equipment from the storage premises on the farm.

Loading the truck outside the storage building on the farm.

My son, Jamie, supervising the loading of the truck at the farm.

Another box is loaded on to the flat truck.

Some of the equipment is wrapped in waterproof tarpaulin sheets.

Jamie moving the containers into position.

My two sons, Jamie on the fork-lift truck, and Guy behind it.

Guy packing one of the Taylor-Made travel boxes.

Some of the equipment waiting to be put in a container.

More equipment ready to be put into empty Taylor-Made travel boxes.

More equipment ready for packing.

The road-train in Burnley, Saturday 10th.November, ready for loading for transportation to Spain.

Showing the empty wagon, with trailer attached.


Loading the wagon.

Loading the wagon almost completed.

Showing the Lion Cage, and Murray's Wardrobe Trunk etc.

The trailer, too, fully loaded. Jamie about to make a final check.

Granville Taylor (Faust the Magician) says "Sayonara" to his "Great Magic Show". Appropriately, the Spanish trucking company is called "EXIT"! Stage left or stage right?

Almost ready to depart for Spain.