All Faust's posters are £15.00 each.   Please email magicianfaust@hotmail.com  for postage and packing charges.

Set of six different posters, as shown below, for £90.00 plus postal tube £2.00 plus U.K. postage £3.00.  Overseas postage £7.00.

Japan 1971. 30" x 20".

Japan 1976.  30" x 20".

Japan 1973 Poster.  30" x 20".

Japan 1975 Poster.  30" x 20".

Japan 1975 Poster for Faust's Great Magic Show at the Kokusai Theatre in Tokyo where he presented Amac's "Find the Lady" illusion for the first time in Japan, appropriately on the world's biggest stage and at the largest theatre in the Orient.  The local sponsors were Robert Brown, who supplied Faust with six bottles of whisky for each performance instead of beer for his "Inexhaustible Barrel".  (See logo bottom right corner of poster).  30" x 20".

Poster published by Faust in 1977.  30" x 20".