Filming "Find the Lady".

Filming "Find the Lady"

A London Film Production company, Spicer & Moore, currently is making a documentary about FAUST & "FIND THE LADY".  This world-famous illusion act for which Faust owns the sole performing rights throughout the world since 1960, was rehearsed with a new "Queen of Hearts" and a new lady assistant, and filmed at Pendle Hippodrome theatre in Colne in Lancashire from April 11th to 15th 2011. 

At the same time, Pendle Hippodrome's own film maker, John Morgan, also filmed the complete "Find the Lady" illusion for their own archives, and he gave a DVD of it to Faust  within a few weeks of filming.  Naturally, Faust is absolutely delighted to have his presentation of Amac's "Find the Lady" on film at last!  The documentary, when it is released, will be the icing on the cake!

For full details of all the history, publicity, and a flyer on the filming of "Find the Lady" in connection with this documentary, please see the last two pages on this website.

Spicer and Moore have used some of the footage they filmed for their documentary of Faust and"Find the Lady"at Pendle Hippodrome theatre for a music video, for a folk group called Cheek Mountain Thief.  To view and hear this music type "Cheek Mountain Thief - Showdown - YouTube" in the SEARCH box and click on search.  Then you will see the photograph of Faust for the music video.  Click on this.  Make sure sound is on!  For full screen viewing click on small square at bottom right of picture.

Also, type in on Google:  Faust the Magician on Vimeo for more film of Faust as filmed by Spicer & Moore of London.

Taking Card Batten box to my son Jamie's workshop where he stores his stock car, for checking. 02.04.11.

Outside Faust's home at 11 Victoria Avenue, Brierfield.

Transporting using Pipeline Induction Heat van where my son Jamie is Works Manager.

Card Batten travel box in corridor at home.

Card Batten box.

My two sons, Guy and Jamie with basket containing gold cut-cloth. With hired van. 09.04.11.

Box on left containing three chrome-plated stools.

Hired van loaded with six boxes required for "Find the Lady" ready for get-in at Pendle Hippodrome theatre.

FAUST outside Pendle Hippodrome theatre in Colne. 21.04.11

Plaque on wall at front of theatre.

Amac's "Find the Lady" rigged up ready for rehearsals.

Guy, with "Find the Lady" cards in their travel box.

Emily. The new "Queen of Hearts" in "Find the Lady".

Vintage trunk containing costumes, shoes, accessories, band parts, and Amac's original plans and instructions for "Find the Lady".

The two Taylor families after filming of "Find the Lady".

Photograph by Nelson "Leader" at rehearsals.

Rehearsing with Emily. (Photo by Io Worthington).

Filming "Find the Lady". Assisting Emily down from end stool. (Photo by Io Worthington).

Faust about to vanish the Queen of Hearts and the red sheet after she has been seen in silhouette. (Photo by Io Worthington).

Emily in dressing room. (Photo by Io Worthington).

Faust in dressing room. (Photo by Greville Worthington).

Greville Worthington viewing the "Find the Lady" stage set-up at Pendle Hippodrome from the balcony. (Photo by Io Worthington).

Faust posing for one of the London film production's cameramen. (Photo by Greville Worthington).

Faust. (Photo by Greville Worthington).

Emily (Queen of Hearts), Caroline Taylor (my niece, assisting with cards), Io (Greville's daughter), and Faust, in dressing room.

Faust relaxing with Pendle Hippodrome stage staff. (Photo by Greville Worthington).

Faust waiting for spotlights upstage to be switched on to show the Queen of Hearts in silhouette, before the vanish of Lady and the red sheet.

Another action photograph taken during the filming.

Photograph by John Morgan (Cameraman for Pendle Hippodrome).

Removing end card to reveal the "Queen of Hearts". (Photograph by John Morgan).

"Once more, place your bets! Just a little fun to Find the Lady." (Photograph by John Morgan).