THE MAGIC OF FAUST.  Approximately 1hr. 35mins.  Faust's Promotion Video.  Four illusions presented by Faust & Co. Japan 1986 as the sole guest artiste from the West in the East European Circus on Stage touring Japan: Zig-Zag, Girl on the Scimitars, The Inexhaustible Beer Barrel, and The Broomstick Suspension of a Witch. (The four illusions are repeated, filmed from the auditorium, and then from backstage).  The Sensational Triple Underwater Escape, as televised by Yorkshire Television's 3-2-1 programme. Faust's re-creation of Arnold De Biere's famous 1930's act, using some of De Biere's original equipment and patter, recorded at the Congress Theatre, Eastbourne, September 29th. 2000 at the British Ring's 64th.Annual Convention. (This was Faust's first public performance in re-creating De Biere's act.  Ideally Faust would have toured this act in theatres around the country in the U.K. to perfect the performance, but by the year 2000 this was not possible). This DVD concludes with  rare film, sadly of poor quality, of excerpts from Faust's Great Magic Show, touring Japan in 1971, 1973, 1975, and 1976.  PRICE:  £15.00.  Plus £2.50 U.K. Postage & Packing.  Airmail Europe £3.50.

FAUST AT HOME.  Approximately 1hr. 30mins.  The Taylor-Made Magic scrapbooks.  A guided tour of his attic workshop, and the rare magical equipment of John Martin, the World's Master Magical Mechanic.  Magical memorabilia, including a glimpse of Horace Goldin's notebook.  Devant's Magic Kettle.  The annexe to the workshop. A visit from Professor Guy Higgins, filming Faust presenting some of Martin's rare equipment: Paraffin Lamp Vanish, Glass thro' Hat, the Vanishing Birdcage (Howard de Courcy method, De Biere's Birdcage Vanish, and De Biere's "Challenge" Birdcage Vanish), the Appearing Round Birdcage, the Vanishing Round Birdcage, The Crystal Clock & Bell, De Biere's Billiard Ball routine, and the Taylor-Made Card Frame.  A visit from Peter Nicol, filming Faust in his attic workshop and office with The Butterfly, The Lamp Vanish, the Martin Holdout, Guy Bert's clockwork bird, Flowering Rose Bushes, the Orange Tree, and downstairs with Card Fans and Flourishes,  and  a "duet" with two Martin Poker size Rising Cards.  PRICE:  £15.00. Plus £2.50 U.K. Postage & Packing.  Airmail Europe £3.50.

THE SCRAPBOOKS OF GRANVILLE TAYLOR (The Evolution of Faust).  Approximately 1hr. 40mins. from 11 Volumes of scrapbooks. A Life of Magic on DVD.  Box-Office cards, handbills, programmes, newspaper clippings, publicity leaflets, and photographs of the original equipment of many of the past Masters of Magic, used by Faust the Magician in his Great Magic Show.  The equipment of Arnold De Biere, David Devant, Murray, Selbit, The Great Lyle, Amac, Chris Charlton, Cingalee, and Ali Bey. The DVD ends  with a cascade of photographs from the scrapbooks. The original scrapbooks are a priceless collection, showing the evolution of Faust the Magician. Here is a rare opportunity to study the development of a boy magician, to an assistant with Murray, and then with The Great Lyle, to starting out on his own as a professional with his own "Devil's Bar" act playing Moss Empire theatres, to an illusion act, and to devising, producing, directing, and presenting his own big illusion show with his own company of up to 23 dancers/assistants touring the principal theatres in Japan again and again. PRICE:  £15.00. Plus £2.50 U.K. Postage & Packing.  Airmail Europe £3.50.

All DVDs are British Standard AVI  VHS Pal format. (DVD-R).  (Region 2).  They will play on any DVD player in the U.K.  Also, they will play anywhere abroad on a multi-region DVD player.

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British Standard AVl VHS Pal Format (DVD-R).  (Region 2)

This DVD will play on any DVD player in the U.K..  Also it will play anywhere abroad on a multi-region DVD player.

Sole performing rights throughout the world for "FIND THE LADY" owned by FAUST the MAGICIAN since 1960 until Faust sold "Find the Lady" in 2017 to Dr.Randall Wolf in the U.S.A.  This DVD shows the complete history of "Find the Lady" since Amac invented it around 1920.  Amac became  a headline attraction in The U.S.A.for many years featuring just this one illusion. 

In 1941 Amac sold the illusion to The Great Lyle when Lyle was due to open at the Aldwych theatre in London with his "Cavalcade of Mystery" show, and  in addition Amac was engaged by Lyle to be his stage manager.

Granville Taylor worked as a stage assistant with Lyle in 1953, and he turned professiional magician in l957 with his "Devil's Bar" act, assisted by his wife Valerie, and were soon playing the Moss Empire circuit.

After The Great Lyle died in 1955 Granville contacted Lucille Lyle and began buying tricks and illusions from the Lyle show, and in 1960 he bought Amac's original equipment for "Find the Lady", plus sole performing rights for the U.K. and throughout the world for this illusion.


                                                                                              DVD 20 minutes.  

 Price: £15.00 plus £2.50 U.K. postage.  Airmail Europe:  £3.50.  Airmail USA:  £5.00