Granville Taylor (FAUST THE MAGICIAN) owns Amac's original equipment and sole performing rights throughout the world for this illusion since he bought it from Lucille Lyle in 1960.


A  London Film Production company, Spicer & Moore, hired Pendle Hippodrome Theatre in Colne, Lancashire for one week, and this world-famous illusion act was rehearsed and filmed from April 11th to 15th 2011 for a documentary about the history of "FIND THE LADY" from around 1920 when Amac invented it and headlined with it in the USA during the 1920's and 30's, to the illusion being bought by THE GREAT LYLE in 1941 for his "Cavalcade of Mystery" Show who featured it in his shows until he died in 1955.  FAUST bought the illusion, with sole performing rights throughout the World, from Lucille Lyle in 1960.




Now that Faust has retired at the age of 85, here are the last items for sale from his GREAT MAGIC SHOW.

1.  Merv Taylor Production Cage.  With Taylor-Made Tie-Dyed Silk.  £275.

2.  De Biere type Egg-Bag with his original patter, plus "blown" eggs.  In a "scrimmed" wooden travel box.  £150.

3.  Serpent Silk, with reel.  £50.


6.  The Revolving Cane.  Cane unscrews into two parts for ease in travelling.  In a canvas case.  £50. 

7.  Plus another Revolving Cane, with silver knob, in a long "scrimmed" cardboard tube.  £100.

8.  A Bartl Locking Vanishing Birdcage. (Type used by De Biere).  £400.

9.  A Vintage Round Production Cage.  Maker unknown, superb design, and bigger and just as good as  the Martin model.  £300.


Also:  Coat, Ropes, and Rings.  £30.  Squaring the Circle, with Faust's patter.  Boxed. £25.      A rare Abbott's "Boutonniere" £50, "Stuck in Time" £200 and Lock-Nest Boxes £150 (Both by Tom Yurasits),  Creepy Matches £40,  an original Harbin Packaway Table (Eric Lewis) £150.

Also  for sale  is my latest collection of items made by the late JOHN MARTIN, the World's Master Magical Mechanic:  Wrist reel £400, reel for the Martin "Waterfall" deck of cards, with special cards £400, Torn & Restored Paper Strip Feke £450, Machined drawing pin for Card on Ceiling £30, an Undernail Writer £40,  Hinged Ring & Feke for stage version of "Ring off Walking Stick" £200, and a very rare, if not unique Prediction Silver Pocket Watch made by John Martin, with silver chain.  (Watch may be examined, and any time predicted). £950.